Saturday, 3 September 2016

Things to do ...

Cwmorthin Slate Quarry 1989 ... The inclines were still intact in those days!


Delving into the archives and digging out all the negatives i have of classic Cwmorthin views ... The current section is looking way too out of date now so must get on with the durn thing .... Ahhh but, so is Minllyn ... But wait a minute, Cwm Machno needs finishing .... and those pics still to post in the Misc. Section:(

Anyway, i also played with some old 125 negatives that had a few rare shots of Bryn Eglwys (these were on the site before but looked truly awful) but this was a bit of a slog as the Epson neg scanner didn't know that 125 negs existed! ... One home made frame later and they're done & up .... Still not great but the originals were rough ...  


Bryn Eglwys 1979 and a rare view of the Drum Hut next to the waterwheel pit

.... They're grainy but more vibrant plus none of the views exist anymore!


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